JH Message

Well hello Mr Sir Justin The Legend

So the message is a belated birthday to my brother Stephen Porter. We live miles away from each other but have always listened to your music when we’re together and especially love your permission to land and recently live at the Hammersmith album.

We saw you open Glastonbury 2003 and thought “we’ll if that’s what Glasto is about then we can’t wait for the rest”… nothing even came close! We knew you from a bootleg tape we had Darkness/Airbourne we used to sing along Wayne’s world style to in Steves car driving around Cardiff hence the up at 10am after 3 hours sleep glasto thing! INCREDIBLE

I’m sure we saw you after this but I think it was a blur of probable student intoxicated fun that is now lost in the songwriting clouds for another generation.

We then definitely saw you at Cardiff student union in 2013 and Steve fondly remembers stroking your leg while you were doing a solo in the crowd on your bouncers shoulders!!!

We then saw you at the STEELHOUSE festival in 2016 after bigging you up to the whole campsite for days blasting your albums in the evenings…. I also caught your plastic Barbarian helmet (going to frame it eventually, probably find a signature of yours on ebay or something!)

I made a convoy of cars stop en route to a Villa birthday holiday in France at 7am in 2018 so I could be front of the queue and get fleece, bristol charity tickets, 70% of them were Fuckin fuming! Darkness/In-laws/Darkness/Outlaws… didn’t care, was hated at the start of the family holiday but got them!!!! Dancing on a Friday night baby!

Over the 2 days of the gig we had an ace time, I got a bit too playful at one point and asked you to stop moaning and play street spirit 😂 I am sorry, was just having fun, you said “get your hands off my set list Motherfucker!” If I made you feel bad I didn’t mean to….Great memory, thank you. He also gave you guys a high 5 while running off stage through the bar. 🤘🏻

We went from South Wales to Manchester in 2019 to see you guys at the 02 Academy but we were  kicked out after a couple of songs (you asked me between songs over the Mike why I was getting dragged away by 2 bouncers.., still to this day have no idea… singing? Dancing? Spreading the Darkness love… no idea!) Sad times though. Between £100 train,then hotel and other minibreakness food etc, it was the most expensive 2 songs ever!!! Spent the next 2 hours diplomatically trying to get back in, not 1 member of staff could even say why we were forced out but wouldn’t let us back. After the gig we went back to the hotel and sang your splendiferous hymns but we were so gutted.  Due to Storm Sebastian it took me another 2 days to get home as like Easter all trains were cancelled! Took some good time for us to get over the whole thing but the darkness shone through as always.

Steve saw you most recently at STEELHOUSE this year on his own like a barbarian, he travelled down from Blackpool especially and gave you a glowing review to all as always! (I couldn’t go, I was in hospital with my girl having an even smaller blossom girl at the same time).

28 pages you probably give zero fucks about later, well played on the sobriety, and thank you for continuing to be you!  You are a fucking superstar and you genuinely make people happy, never forget that! We’ve had mixed experiences following your boys but you’ve always made us smile. Hopefully as part of the crowd we have helped you smile too.

Any birthday message to Steve would be wonderful, I have 100% faith in you and your increasingly impressive randometreitis, falsetto’s and guitarRffery. If you could please finish by saying shepherds pie that would be awesome (but not essential).

Thank you Mr Hawkins, hopefully we will meet you and the band at some point in the future.

Muchos Black Shook
Norman, Hannah, Charlie and Blossom X

RockTheFockOnMoFo 🤘🏻